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I am BAPI KUMAR SIL, Ex. INDIAN AIR FORCE Veteran AND Founder and Managing Trustee OF an NGO “FORGOTTEN CHILDREN FOUNDATION” TRUST. I got IRDA licence for life and General Insurance both, AMFI Registration, Kotak Financial Planner (KFP) certified.

I entered in Financial Market in the year 2002 as soon as I came out from Indian Air Force after 20 years of my glorious service. Being discipline and genuine, individuals confided in me and gave me their fund to oversee.My Defence background initially amazed individuals, but I was valued and told through my job transparency and service that they missed me a long time ago.

By my performance and quality service, I have won several prestigious awards and recognition in the field of finance.

In light of my reasonable service, I am always prepared to supervise resources of my clients, even if it counts from abroad (NRI). At present I am managing more than 800 clients from various fields and globally.

I am fond of meeting people and giving them financial solutions for their life that benefit them in all the aspects that they require.

I am the trusted person who can help you plan and manage your fund properly.

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Our Team consists of Certified Financial Planners, Chartered Accountants and Independent Financial Advisors.

Our clients love out simple What-Why-How strategy as it clearly explains what their goals are and how they can achieve the same.

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